Our 6 solutions

The Green Stewrdess is an Eco-Ambassador company and supplies the Yachting Industry with Eco-friendly Products & Solutions.

The Green Stewardess is proud to be an innovative Eco-Aware Initiative who’s focus is to Reduce Single-use plastics onboard Yachts. Making Eco-friendly Products & Solutions easily available to Yachts & Yacht Crew.

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Eco-friendly, fresh smelling, great quality and have less impact on the Marine Environment. 5 litre refill bottles for Crew & Guests.


Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Non-Toxic! 9 Cleaning products that cover all areas onboard yachts & don’t hurt our marine ecosystem. Outstanding results & highly recommended by our Interior crew.


Our Water Filtration Systems are easy to install and save time provisioning and stowing unnecessary Store Bought Bottled Water. 

Feel proud that your yacht is going Eco-friendly by cutting out Plastic Store Bought Water!

Bamboo products

Biodegradable Bamboo! Bamboo Toothbrushes, Shaving Razor Kits, Bamboo Q-tips & Bamboo Polarised Sunglasses.

Fresh Coffee

We are proud agents of Jura Coffee Machines “bean-to-cup”. Pure, better tasting and fresh…. 100% waste-free from pod & capsules.

Reusable Eco-friendly Products

Trendy & chic reusable products that make your yacht Eco-Conscious and will impress your guests. From Steel Straws and Aluminium water bottles to Cotton Shoppers! 100% reusable!.

"Going Greener!"

Going Greener” is easy, it’s a step-by-step process of making Eco-Friendly choices and The Green Stewardess is here to help.

Trees for yachts...

The Green Stewardess is committed to making a difference, and for every order with pledge to plant a trees to offset carbon emissions and support local communities in South Africa.

Give back to the Planet by supporting our efforts to plant trees for your Yacht’s purchases.