Go green on Deck...


Go Eco-friendly on deck and be ethically responsible for having a more positive impact on our Marine Environment.

Eco on Deck

“Going Greener” on Deck is the Future.

The chemicals found in many of the products used in the Deck department of Yachts is responsible for a large amount of the harmful & toxic bi-products that are being washed into the Marine Eco-system and doing great damage to Marine Life.

Our range of Eco Products are bio-degradable, non-toxic and vegan, and they are also exceptionally effective at getting the job done.

The Green Stewardess is confident in our range of Eco-deck products and unlike many other green label products that are on the market, once you try our our range of Eco-friendly Cleaning Products, you too will be convinced of their benefit to your yacht, your crew and our Oceans & Seas.


UV Protection is important, all those hours on deck and in the sun. Choose our organic bamboo polarised and non- polarised sunglasses for the Deck Team. Custom logo’s and Yacht names on your deck apparel. 

Safety and looking good on deck was never this Eco-friendly.


Eco-friendly Cleaning is the future. No more soap scum, harmful chemicals and toxic bi-products onboard Yachts. Our partners are the gold standard on leading technologies in biodegradable Cleaning Products for the Marine Industry. 

On Deck, we offer a variety of Eco Cleaning Products; Yacht Wash Products, Glide Glass Cleaner, Stainless Steel and a Bilge Clean.

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There are great alternatives to the single-use plastics that are used on deck.

At The Green Stewardess, we like our re-usable Aluminium Spray Bottles! Our range of Eco Cleaning Products come in Concentrate quantities and our Ready-to-use Spray Bottles are refillable, long lasting and READY to clean without harming our Oceans and Sea’s.