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Follow The Green Stewardess and our 6 Eco Solutions that are readily available for Yachts and Yacht Crew.  Our Products & Solutions are sleek & elegant to compliment the luxurious guest interior of a Super Yacht, and they are also efficient and reliable for getting the job done. 

Eco-friendly Solutions that do not harm  Marine Life or have a negative impact on the Natural Environment. Going Green is easy and it feels Great too.

Our Mission

“Going Greener” is easy, it’s a step-by-step process of making Eco-Friendly choices and The Green Stewardess is here to help.

The team behind The Green Stewardess are actively involved in the Yachting Industry and aware of the waste factors present and offer Green Solutions that work best onboard Yachts.

The best way to make a difference is to make a change. We have sourced & tested “Greener” products for the Yachting Industry and make them easily accessible.

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The Green Stewardess

“Going green is so easy with The Green Stewardess. Thank you Green! ”

It was an incredible experience for me. The quality of the products was only matched by the quality of service I got. I highly recommend The Green Stewardess. Thanks for making Going Green onboard so easy!".
Lela Stubbs


The abundance of plastic waste created by modern human society is estimated that there are 5.5 trillion pieces of plastic in the world’s oceans. This plastic debris, although from many different sources, virtually all of it originates through overuse of plastics in our daily lives. It’s time to consider a change. Start by using Eco-Friendly Products & Solutions.

Eco Toiletries FOR gUEST

Made from Nature by Nature. Eco-friendly, fresh smelling, great quality and have less impact on the Marine Environment. 5 litre refill bottles for Crew & Guests.

Fresh Coffee

We are proud agents of Jura Coffee Machines “bean-to-cup”. Pure, better tasting and fresh…. 100% waste-free from pod & capsules.

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Email us and request our E-Catalogue and choose the from our sustainable Green Solutions to satisfy your Yachts needs and have a Greener footprint on the Marine Life of our Oceans and Seas.

Water filtration cuts out plastic waste!

Install our Filtration System and say “No!” to store-bought BOTTLED WATER. Resulting in up to 75% less plastic bottled water waste.


Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Non-Toxic! 9 Cleaning products that cover all areas onboard yachts & don’t hurt our marine ecosystem. Outstanding results & highly recommended by our Interior crew.

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Your Yacht orders PLANT TREES ...

The Green Stewardess is committed to making a difference, and for every order with pledge to plant a tree.

Our plantation projects in forest & Bushveld environments in South Africa aim at reforesting parcels impaired by natural hazards, to tackle deforestation, to favor forest biodiversity. They also sustain the ecosystem and off-set Carbon Emissions and adapt environment to climate change. 


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Organic Linens

Organic Linen, without the presence of harmful chemicals & dyes our sheets are better for you and better for the environment.


We are partnered with some for the leading Environmental Companies and Non Profit Organisations in the Yachting Industry and we are committed to making a change. We regularly host Beach Clean Up Events and our Facebook page is an active hub of up to date  Environmental topics.

Eco Crew

The Crew can make a Difference.

et us help you! Partnering with THE GREEN STEWARDESS allows you to explore selected Greener Solutions in order to be able to MOVE all around the world without creating unnecessary additional Plastic & Chemical Pollution. Of course there is already a major pollution problem that exists in the world around us, but its up to US to change and make more ECO-CONSCIOUS CHOICES. “The Change” is US. Together.


We make Going Green easy for your Yacht & Yacht Crew...

The best way to experience our wide selection of Products is to try them out for your self. Follow our E-Catalogue and choose the from our sustainable Green Solutions to satisfy your Yachts needs and have a Greener footprint on the Marine Life of our Oceans and Seas.

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the green stewardess is an eco ambassador

There is a Change in the Tide. "Going Greener" is for Everyone.
Our Future is our Choice

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